Hi there.

I finally quit cheesing out on MySpace and got my own blog. It only took two years of complaining and trying out different programs until I decided to go with the easiest one. Anyhow, here I am with the rest of you. I'm going to introduce you to some of my pals, tell you a few secrets, and try to convince you to do neat stuff.

I promise not to make this boring, starfuckery, or annoying. I won't drag you presumptuously through my daily life unless something exciting happens. I'm no Time Burglar. Mostly though, I want to practice writing and give you advice. SO, if you have any questions you'd like to ask me please email me, I'll tell you what to do, and we'll post it up here on the blog. You can ask me about ANYTHING on any topic. I'm totally unqualified to answer you in a productive way, but I know more about stupid people than anyone else on earth so if someone really stupes is ruining your life, please tell me. I know what to do. In other words, GIMMIE THE GOSS.

Anyhow, here we go...