Barreling down a Shame Tunnel

I had a whole diatribe about bartending here, but I decided to not state the obvious pros/cons since I only do it once a week. And thank god its on Andrew Kuo and Wildman's super fun "HUGS" night (w/the "Precious Metal" party downstairs). Also, my barback is an acutely intelligent literature grad from UC Berkeley named Steve. I look forward to our Monday night banter about the top stories of the week. For him its always some new Harvard study or government conspiracy. I usually blab on about String Theory which tiptoes a teeny line between physics that unites general relativity with quantum mechanics, and some weird hippie shit. See? You just fell asleep at your desk. Nobody but Steve will listen to me talk about it. Save for Steve, Kuo, Wildman and the $$$ I wouldn't be able to justify it.

That said, I decided to start renaming bars for what they really are:

The Barney Hut
The Tool Shed*
The Dingleberry Den
Cokewhore Cavern
Herps n Burps
The Cackling Henfest (that would be a cougar lounge like the Viceroy)
The Depressed Divorcee
Skank Ranch
The 13th Step
Jamaican Me Crazies**

there's more but I can't remember. gimmie some more!
car bombs @ Doc Holiday's (classic dive)
l to r: brian, david, har mar, veevers, syd, sharky

NYC funfact: There is a medieval style pub on 7th St called BURP CASTLE. When I first spotted it, the name washed over me like a valiant metal song about slaying a Teutonic Knight with a dragon's ear and a wizard's comb (sawry, been listening to Bathory and Manowar on the iTunage today). Of course its not like that when you walk in, but how epic is that name?

*stole that one from Ted
** I've seen a few of these in my lifetime, mostly in Florida and on t-shirts, but someone NEEDS to open a slightly horrible bar with suggested nomenclature.