Couple of things


SUPERBAD is the funniest movie I've ever seen in my entire life ever ever even funnier than Friday, Borat, and your personal fave put together x10.

I'm going to start saying "you're so UNIQUE" to guys after we blaze.

We also need to bring back the word "samesies"


I'm not going to North Korea. It was almost $6000. for a 5 day trip to see the Mass Games if I wanted to go with the Vice guys. Yes, I'm disappointed. No I don't want to go alone. If you're a new reader and you don't know about my obsession with the Mass Games, please refer to my MySpace blog "I only live once" or just google/you tube it. Its fucking INCREDIBLE!!!

Goodnight y'all. I'm fasting on Lemonade, Cayenne Pepper, and Saltwater flushes soon so I'll be hiding in the West Village starting Sunday.