Dinner Club

This is something I started in 2005 and have decided to pick up again, along with NIGHTBIKE which I will tell you about in a separate post. (Old and new members are listed at the bottom)


1) You must RSVP to confirm your seat as soon as possible once an invite is sent out, which will be once a month. Dinners will be at 8:30pm on average.

2) If you want to bring a friend, let me know and I'll decide if they are acceptable using the simple Darwinian system of standards and pecking orders. TOTALLY kidding, everyone is invited except those who fall under the categories listed in Rule #3

3) No cheapies, vegans, or whiners (beware- these types often carry all three overlapping traits)

4) Once you've RSVP'd you're in dudes. No rez drama or last minute flaking please!

5) If you are tardy, some people might judge you and think you're a tiny bit losery.

6) Don't display your alcoholism to others and don't make us pay for your "condition." Save that for the optional post-dinner bar destination which will be decided upon fairly at each meeting by you, the democracy. (Don't forget that under my tutelage I have the power to crush your dining and drinking aspirations because I am the founder and president of this tiny empire which I have created).


8) Dinner Club encourages food banter. I can listen to you talk about food forever. Traveling for me is like a food vacation, so bring your favorite foodie spots and secrets.

9) Dinner Club is all about eating: if you're the restaurant picker, pick a delicious restaurant that allows groups up to 12 and has a decent veggie options. Its your night, go nuts.

10) You may make new friends at Dinner Club, since the guests will often rotate. If you find one of them particularly appealing, please do not make out with them until the meal is finished.

If you want to join us for a meal, please inquire within. Thank you for being a part of the illustrious DINNER CLUB 2007!


Aviva Yael
President and Founder, Dinner Club

Current DC members:
Tasha Cain
Carrie Imbermann
Michelle Zacks
Lesley Arfin aka The Arfinator aka Author of Dear Diary best book ever buy it please thank you
Leo Allen
Eric Slovin
Crystal Moselle
Justin Gallaher
Demetri Martin
Marissa Kaiser
Cindy Greene
Eugene Mirman
David Cross
Sarah Egan
Danielle Levitt
Athena Schindelheim
Shonali Bowmik
Nick Zarin-Ackerman
Chrissie Miller
Syd Butler

I can't remember who else. I will update with each meeting. Sign up!