Learn stuff while snuggling up!

Here's a little Veevers secret: I'm obsessive about two things:

1) Public bathrooms

I turn into a ninja when it comes to avoiding contact with the toilet seat. I will turn into a goddamn Cirque Du Soleil contortionist if I have to. I don't care. Its all about not having to pee.

2) Movies

I go through phases with a movie genre or director and then I have to see every single film in said categories until I know everything about it. Examples: I have a mental encyclopedia of Chinese Epics, Japanese Horror and French Cinema (all genres). Right now I'm strictly docs. I have 37 documentaries in my Netflix cue... and nothing else.

Here are my favorites, esp the ones about people's obsessions:

Harry Potter Parking Lot
Word Wars (its the Spellbound of Scrabblers)
Unknown White Male
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
How's Your News?
A State of Mind
Trekkies (1 and 2)
Mr Death
Mad Hot Ballroom
In the Realms of the Unreal
American Movie (and Coven)
How to Draw a Bunny
Inside Deep Throat
Manufacturing Consent
The Nomi Song
The Eyes of Tammy Faye
American Mullet
That Man: Peter Berlin
Dark Days
Endless Summer (all)
The League of Ordinary Gentleman
The Annabel Chong Story (slept with 200 guys in a row for a porno. Her life was ruined afterwards)
Jesus Camp

I'm skipping all the obvious picks about animals/nature, corporations, wars, fast food, Bush, and 9-11 that you've probably seen already. I will add to this list in a month when I'm done learning about Chihuly, the Occult History of the Third Reich, and the guy who invented the Moog.

I cannot wait one more stinking minute to see BILLY vs STEVE