Merks aka Meryl Smith Special Lady

Me and Steve Zahn
Cocomo Vibes Justin
How can you not love that Merkles face?

Sometimes the best nights are the ones where nothing happens.

Last night I hung with 3 peeps who I want to introduce to you guys if you don't already know them.

1) Justin Gallaher. Justin is one of my besties. Non NYC friends- go to his bar Sweet Paradise if you are in New York (14 Orchard St @ Canal). Justin makes me laugh harder than almost anyone. I have a long list of things he says that make me pee.

2) Ted Barrow. Ted is a skater known as Handsome Ted which immediately makes you think dumb hot guy. Not the case here. He's my current favorite writer at the moment. I hope he writes a book of short stories someday. Check out his blog for some samples: I love it!! He's also hilari-o, extremely polite and has some serious jams on his iPod. All crucial dude qualities btw. No worries- he's in the Friend Zone so I can shamelessly promote him with a clear conscience. Anyhow, Meryl and I renamed all Teddy Bears Teddy Barrows going forward. Please make a note.


3) Meryl Smith aka Merks. I fell for this peach of a lady at Gavin and Emily's wedding two years ago. Her and Ben Cho were sitting on the deck and I came outside for a cigarette and it was INSTANT SPARKS! I know I sound like such a lezzie, but I don't care. Meryl and I had a majorly major MAJE bro sesh last night which started about 2am at Sweet Paradise and ended at 5am on the benches infront of American Apparel on Houston St. If you ever want to talk to every random New Yorker in the world just sit on that bench for a couple of hours. We talked about all the stuff chicks talk about... it would probably make you vomit so I'll spare you, but JESUS CHRIST it was juicy.

Anyhow, Meryl's boyfriend is my old boss from Vice, Shane. He was my dad at work. Gavin was the funny boss, Suroosh was the super nice boss, but Shane was the one I worked hard for. Now he's my pal and my pal's boyfriend and I'm super happy for them.

I will be introducing more peeps to you all soon enough... stay tuned!