Check me out in the NY Times!

This is from back in Feb, so if you're a new reader and missed it from my old blog, here it is:

Hey dudes-

Please go out and pick up a copy of the NY TIMES today. The article about Celebrity Tattoos that Perry and I did for Oscar season is in the Op-Ed section. They cut down the writing... its tiny, but its in there:

Its on the front page online. You can also hear the interview about my book if you click on the audio link. There's a good slide show but they edited out all the funny stuff I said and made me sound like a yuppie grad student from Oberlin doing her thesis on a zany, whacky subculture I know nothing about.

Its been almost a year of interviews, hunting, traveling and browsing through thousands and thousands of images of completely insane tattoos. I hope you guys like it when its out.