Something I wrote for someone

I wrote a piece about Celebrities who blog. It was highly edited. You see, I live for pop-culture and Valley Girls, but I did this piece for a business journal (thank you Athena!!!) that grown ups read.

I read over 40 celebrity blogs for this assignment which was sometimes DISAPPOINTING and other times SCINTILLATING. My two personal faves: Lily Allen and John Mayer. I know. I was shocked about the Mayer thing. I don't listen to him btw- I learned all about him through his blog. Seriously I only know that Wonderland song and it makes me feel like a chick in a Rom Com. Adult Contemp jams... no thanks.

Back on track, in the original article I handed in I praised Lily Allen and called Moby a pussy. I tore that insane RuPaul tranny Tyra Banks a new asshole. I almost called Mariah Carey's fansite a Snoozers n Losers chat room. Of course this kind of writing doesn't translate in the business world too easily so you can read the slightly boring, but highly informative article about Celeb blogs here:

Enjoy dudes.