Tiny Veevers

I still love New Orleans. Its touristy now and the French Quarter is a cheesefest filled with rape-squads in every bar, but the food is delicious, the vibes are good, and I love every single thing about the city from the thrift stores to the Sno-ball stands.
Inside this shack are the best PoBoys in New Orleans... to this day. Locals only barneys!
Inside peep
Me and Dad bro'd in that corner on the weekends playing PacMan and Turbo. Dad was such a spazz. He couldn't play as well as me, and he moved the joystick so hard the entire game would bang around (so embarassing).

My favorite mems from when I was wee:

1) Dancing ballet in my tutu for the tourists at Preservation Hall while my parents worked the door (age 6).

2) Eating Oyster Po-Boys and playing Ms. Pac Man with my dad at Parasol's Bar on Friday nights (age 9).

3) Roller skating after school in the auditorium to disco and trying to catch Rick Hebert in kiss n catch. He liked my best friend Christine Matzke. I was stuck with Andrew "Blockhead" Block and Louis "the poo poo boy" trying to kiss n catch me.**

4) Going with my "gifted" class after school on Fridays to the cemetary near Anne Rice's house. Our gay teacher, Mr. Major, would tell us slow, quiet ghost stories while we sat on gravestones (6th grade).

6) Hanging out at VFW Hall and trying to make out with punks and metal heads. Saw Corrosion of Conformity, Henry Rollins, DKs, and Suffocation by Filth before I was 13. My parents had NO idea.

**In first grade we did Square Dancing for our talent show. Ms. DeLeon made me dance with Louis, who was obviously known for shitting his pants, infront of the whole school. Needless to say I was known as "Louis the Poo Poo Boys' girlfriend" for the rest of the school year.