Obligatory chick entry: Fashion Week

Its that time of year again, when tall people fly in from all over the world and decorate our taxis, restaurants and lofts with some eye candy. Thank you to the Slavic Nations and Baltic States for having SO many hot chicks. This is the week when all of the hysterical fags (love you boysss!) and LA trashion invades our quiet little town to check out what the Big Jews are up to (Marc, Ralph, Calvin, Donna and Diane). But after 12 seasons of enjoying all of the productions, parties, free food and champagne, models n bottles... I have to say that I think I'm over it.

HOWEVER to avoid being generic and jumping on the bandwagon of runway critiques and the Holier Than Thou hating that occurs on all the New York blogs this week, I'm going to opt to say I enjoyed the shows and parties I went to. First time I've missed Marc Jacobs though, and I have to say I'm pretty bummed about that. I heard he had a fake party for whoevs this season and the real party was a private dinner. Way to do it right MJ! I got to go to one of those private smorgasbords for Yohji Yamamoto last year with Noreen at Stanton Social. It was one big "yes please!" Also caught the tail end of a pretty glamorous dinner Tues night... if you're into celebs, hot guys, art, and a mini-show by the Bellmer Dolls nobigdealsies.

Highlights this season were McQueen's new line at The Bowery Hotel, that magazine party at The Box, and Ben Cho's show for the simple fact that he put good old fashioned Northern Californian GEODES on his dresses. And that RULES. Plus, Ben is America's Sweetheart and the darling of the Lower East Side. Have you met the guy? He's a riff factory. Its kind of amazing.

Anyways, instead of showing you guys all the people and parties I encountered this week (you can get a good idea of what it was like on Patrick, Cory Kennedy, and Mark's sites), I'm going to hook you up with my favorite Fashion Week pictures of all: PARIS! And honestly, once you've been to Fashion Week in Paris, you realize why they look at New York fashion week like we're the drunk chick at the end of the bar talking about her ex-boyfriend. They look at us the same way we look at LA Fashion Week: like an obnoxious, over-the-top Juicy Couture mom, eating Fro-Yo, sipping Diet Coke, wearing a thong. Sorry LA, don't be bitts. No disrespect to my 3 C's from LA: Camille, Cory, and Cassie who were rolling deep last week. Those three chicks are DUDE MAGNETS btw.

Wait... one more thing before I deliver the goods (pics). The Deitch "Art" Parade is actually a Post-Burning Man Group Hug disguised as a walking art show filled with neon-clad trannies in Creepers and people who think wearing complimentary colors are more important than showering. Not recommended. Moving along...

These pics are from Paris Fashion Week. Click them to make them bigger. I saw tons of people I knew in Paris! Joseph from Seven New York, my favorite store ever EVER. Better than Opening Ceremony (sorry Umberto)
Ben Cho (sooo kidding)
Leo and Mirabelle!
Josh from Surface2Air took me to the BEST Italian restaurant I've ever been to in my life in the 17th arr. Josh has the best taste and shoes of anyone I know. He was buying for Bblessing and got to go see the Raf Simons show. Je suis tres jalouse Monsieur Safalow!
Fumi was visiting from Sweden/NY/Tokyo wherever the hell she lives now.
Bernhard Wilhelm, my fave designer (wearing the racist sweatshirt). Did you know he's Jeremy Scott's ex? That's like rainbows and unicorns getting married.
As many shows are, it was inside the Palais Du Tokyo. I was staying directly across the street in the 22nd Arrondisement. In a penthouse! That means clear view, no roofs to cockblock my gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower. It was a seven minute walk across the Seine and it looked so close, like I could reach out and touch it. Dreamy!
Even though its okay to have racist Moorish inspirations for your collection in Paris, I still feel bad that I think this presentation is beautiful and I'd rock that hoodie if I was a dude.
Look! Its Steve Lee from Marc Jacobs! By the way, I've never wanted to molest a young model in real life until I saw this guy. He's so perfect in person, the guy had dewdrops on his skin. Also, not gay. Tres Bien!
Don't you want to smoke this? He's like a human blunt.

I will make another posting about Paris this weekend maybe. Right now I'm going to dinner with my bestie Jen Baca who I used to work with at Diane Von Furstenberg. She got promoted and now gets to go to amazing places like Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow, Lebanon, Tokyo and Azerbaijan on an expense account. Oh, and every country in Europe. Then I'm off to Heather Lawless' bachelorette party. I hope there's not a stripper like we had at Emily's. We'll probably swap tampers and ogle each other's jewelry. So sexist!