We only have one life

As I said, Tout Le Monde mes amis! C'est Vrai!
Why not take a tiny poopsy with Banksy? (S2A bathroom)
Tsubi ladies were SUCH great hosts. They took me everywhere, and I followed.
I shot the floral one for the Dont's. Didn't make the cut. Honestly, if he'd rocked the floral pants with a v-neck, took off the bandana and wrist band (ugh) and lost the sneaks, he could've pulled it off. He was a straight, younger version of Leo DiCaps. These dudes were part of a photo shoot for some magazine. This was just a case of bad styling. I wish all men dressed like the Brits: simple, slim jeans, collared shirt, tie, v-neck sweater, and a great pair of dapper shoes. I am also feeling the Ska look, minus the dramatic hi-waisted jean. I'm loving the early 90's surfer look again as of last summer, which I spent thrifting and eBaying old Maui & Sons, Vuarnet, Panama Jack, Ron Jon, and Sex Wax tees. Anyhoo...
Peter Pan was there!
Leo Fitzy was the Artfag Posterboy. Kidding! I kid! Leo is a baaaaabe in real life though.
This kind of graffiti is so French. It reminds me of The Triplets of Belleville, with the sweet cartoonish eyes and the timid expression. Special lil guy.
Hare Krishna on the dancefloor. The gays can do anything when they're young.
How many times have you seen pictures of this? Its extremely bloggable.
This was erected in a fully pedestrian area where there were tons of locals and government buildings. What the hell does this even mean? No kids allowed? No pedophiles? Did a band of outsider Feminazi artists put this up non-ironically? WTF?