Hello from Sunny California!

i'm sorry... so busy not much time to write from the road. updates soon!

Here are some photos from Erik's camera:
Our tour van became a mobile shitpile filled with thrift store finds, food wrappers, lighters, and empty water bottles. I took it to get cleaned and renamed it VANGLORIOUS! (said in gay black man's voice)
Donald channeling Welcome Back Kotter. We should start calling him Donny.
Wade infront of their favorite Canadian chain restaurant, Montana's, which is essentially a TGIFs with taxidermy everywhere. It was atrocious, but of course the boys loved it. Dudes will eat anything. They have rat stomachs and ingest lint, aluminum cans, and dead birds when girls aren't looking.
Nick got sick and slept for three days straight. The most quiet, pleasant three days of my life. Kidding! I kid. Nick is the most hilarious cranky, crotchety, complainy 85-yr old crabapple to grace the earth.

we lost the other camera... with all our amazing tour pics. so if you have any pictures of The Virgins tour, please send along. unfortunately most of my stories and SO many good memories were lost on that card. Someone is going to get an eyeful of top secret snapshots that they don't deserve goddamnit! anyhow, i'll be giving you the goss soon. Grab a napkin, I'm about to dish.

i love you,