Paris Paris

I guess you can click to make these bigger. Some more tidbits from Fashion WeekI went to the Lacroix show in the St Germain and saw this guy turning beets into roses and rutabagas into spider mums. They were so realistic I thought they were actual flowers on a cheesy display at first. Then I saw the roots next to him. Gave me some sort of hippie chills. You know, that thing that happens when you see something beautiful. Feelings?
Doesn't this look like some generational warfare, like teenagers fighting with their parents? Again, feelings.
The cougars in Paris need to get on the American lecture circuit, teaching our women how to age gracefully. Nothing is more unappealling than an old bat with a killer tan, surgery-boobs, and tight clothes showing off her midriff at a bar. BLECH! French cougars just wrap themselves up in ostentacious "fuck you" gear and shop aroud Paris with confidence and good skin. Do you really need more to be sexy? Also, why are French women sooo dramatic and paranoid about their boyfriends cheating on them when they're young, but then the minute they turn 50 they become wizard story-tellers? Its like God gets sick of hearing them cry about jerks all day, so he hands them some Whine-Be-Gone to wipe their asses with and Voila! They turn cool. Have you ever had a drink with an older French woman? They're fucking MEZ.**
One block from my pad, nobigs
Black babies on extra discount? I saw this walking to the Surface2Air show. I was writing orders for the store I never opened. It was to be a men's store with an old fashioned barbershop in the back. But I'm glad I never went retail now that I look back. Plus, Freeman's Sporting Club just opened in my dream neighborhood and they're killing it. check all the links to see what you should be buying your boyfriends.

** mesmerizing, doy