Toute le Monde

More Paris action...
The bathroom attendant was SMOKING hot at Paris-Paris. She had like crazy Shannyn Sossamon eyes. I love you (no homo)
Wendy and Jim scarf not pictured
The giant, Versaille-era entranceway to my giant awesome flat. Thanks Jacobo!!!!
Neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer neer FATMAN!
My favorite piece from the Kim Jones for Umbro show. I'm all about pastels and all ALL about some Southwestern prints. Check my closet sometime... its like being at a roadside novelty shop in AZ somewhere.

He actually pulled off a cowboy hat and a babydoll at an aftershow party. Also had a good attitude, which I'm pretty sure is why he pulled this off. You probs don't believe me since he looks like a dick in this picture, but the guy just kind of had it. Like, Dame Pipi was on his tip and stuff...
I will NEVER forget this guy. Douchey McDouchles. He was AW-FUL. Some British slag with a stinkeye. I mean, cmon dude, head-to-toe puke-colored CRUSHED VELVET? You're at Paris Fashion week. Have some respect you stupid sack of shit. I hate you.
ALLLLLLmost made out with this dude. Have no idea what his name was. I mean, he told me but I can't remember. We partayed for awhile. Merci beaucoup Baberaham Lincoln (wink wink TB)
I shot this guy for the Do's and Dont's. Not only is he a Do for sure, but he told me he'd already been in the Do's TWICE. Look it up suckers, the guy can DRESS.