The Virgins Fall Tour Explooosion!!!

Some pics from the first tour. For more:
This was in Little Rock, no bigs.
Tim Barber (our driver on the first tour) took this somewher in AZ. I love this picture, because this is how touring kind of feels. Plus, I hadn't driven cross country before, and it was totally AWS.

Welcome back to my blog. This is the part where all the fans and foes of The Virgins can get the scoop on what it is like to be on the road with these little peanuts. Its easy to run a tour when your band doesn't party, everyone is hilarious, and the hours and hours of van convo are actually intelligent.

Last night we kicked off the tour by opening for Mark Ronson at Webster Hall. The boys played SO well! I guess rehearsing five days a week and writing songs for your new album kind of helps. They look and sound so much tighter than they did in the Spring, fershaw. We're all psyched to be on the road again!!! Bye bye stressful life (for a month). If you want to know more about the first tour, you can visit My Other Gay Thingy at and check out the blog. I barely had time to write anything, so TONS of good stories will die a sad lonely death with me someday.

Mark Ronson breakdown:

1) His band was rocking a British look with a dash of ska (nice). Super into skinny guys wearing nice shoes and looking neat. Not into hipster guys. That shit is so corny. The all-over printed hoodies and Misfits t-shirts with Dunks are starting to look like a uniform. Can we move on please?

2) Totally 90s. He had a three-pc brass section and a signature jazzy hip-hop vibe. Not my cup, but good nonetheless. He played piano and guitar.

3) He put on Santogold (don't sleep... she's the new M.I.A.), and that ridiculously, insanely gorgeous singer from Phantom Planet. JESUS CHRIST that kid is hot! We're talking fainting, screaming, groupie hot. I've seen him out and about in LA and thought he was just some hot guy hanging at the bar, but when he jumped on stage I had a total Zack Attack. Unfortunately he did that OC song which gives me hives. Sorry for being a 45-yr old mom and not knowing who the hell he was until last night.

Anyhow, I can't sleep. I'm at Chrissie and Nick's place watching The Office. We leave in 2 hours for Chicago. I'll try to keep you guys posted as much as I can.

Yours Truly,

Aviva Yael
President and Founder of Totally Tour Mgmt LLC (like, oh my god!)