Hi, remember me?

I've been dealing with freelance projects as well as a legal and logistical nightmare with my book, so haven't been in the mood to tell you about anything. With the exception of almost daily lunch meetings, I've done a lot of staying in. I've taken on a lot of freelance jobs but I can't find the time to do them all. Its becoming a problem.

I did manage to go outside a few times, however. Here are some innocuous highlights:

- Went to a teeny tiny comedy show where the surprise guest was Sarah Silverman! It was both awesome and painful to watch her perform for 32 people with 4 empty front rows. She's pretty.

- Read a fascinating book about Gary Kasparov, then saw him on Bill Maher same day I finished the book. I love coinkydinks! Did you know that there is actually a technique in chess called "Gangster Chess" and its not what old men play in the park? Look it up, stupes.

- Wrote a letter to the funniest person in the world, the writer of the now defunct veiledconceit.com and begged him to start writing again. Haven't heard back, weird.

- Ate at Kama and Alain's new restaurant Bocaro four times in two weeks. I'm obsessed. Also, make sure you take your next date to Little Owl for dinner. My new favorite restaurant!!!

- Looked up my very first ever boyfriend in high school on MySpace (um, yeah I'm aware that that its crazy but don't care). Whatever. I always wondered what happened to the dude I lost my virginity to. For a moment when I realized I could see his profile I got all nervous nells. I haven't seen him since I was 17 and at the time thought we would move to some remote beach and live in his surf hut happily ever after. To my great disappointment I learned that he grew up into someone whose favorite bands include Sublime, The Black Eyed Peas and Paul Oakenfold. Jesus guy, take it easy on me. His profile includes a sincere note "to those West African bank account scammers out there" to leave him alone. wtf? Anyhow, total boner killer.

- In my anticipation of Proj Run Season 4 tonight, I logged onto BravoTV and did preliminary research on the contestants, and guess what? I know Simone from high school! She was super pretty and I was always jealous of her cute clothes. I remember that she was really stuck up and snobby, which is weird for a fat chick. You heard me. She was also best friends with Zoe Strauss, who terrorized me until senior year.

Tasha reminded me that one night at a party Simone and Zoe said some Mean Girls thing along the lines of "you can kiss your social life goodbye, Avivaaaaa." Needless to say I'll be tuning in extra this season. Personality update: a couple of years ago Tasha ran into Simone backstage at a Chanel show in Paris and she was really nice. Stupid fat bitch. I kid! I'm sure she's grown into a lovely young woman.

SFB pictured left

As you can probably tell from these "highlights" I need to get out more.

I'm hosting my Dinner Club tonight. We're trying Persian in the Carpet Disctrict followed by a Project Runway sesh. Also, make sure you watch Gossip Girl tonight because The Virgins have all 5 songs from their EP on the show. Its Sex & The City meets Cruel Intentions for teenagers.