Potpourri of Facts

Fact 1: Dinner Club is super neato still!

Dinner Club was really fun this time. It was the first time there were more guys than girls, and we had a delicious meal at a Persian restaurant in the Carpet District. The best thing on the menu wasn't available:

Slow cooked boneless chicken Fesenjan with crushed walnuts, cooked in pomegranate paste, over saffron and black cherry-infused rice. YUUUMMMM!!!!

This week's guests:

Tasha Cain, Robyn, Matt Lenski, Scott Selby (Todd's darling brother), Wyatt Neumann, Jeremy Sirota and Danika Underhill, Maya Hayuk and her boyfriend Andrew, and I feel like I forgot someone. Anyhow, next Dinner Club I'll have pictures for you since I finally bought a new camera. That should help beef up the blog a bit. Maya gave me her new book and an outfit she designed for Reebok as part of their special arty farty collection. It has magical rainbow stitching on it. Here she is incase you want to see pictures of hairy people in hottubs and some 70's style 69'ing: www.mayahayuk.com

Fact 2: Project Runway is neato too also!

Nina Garcia: Professional Meanie

Lil Mikey Kors: The Smartest Queen in the Room

Joey Fatone is one of the contestants!

So after all that hype about Simone LeBlanc (the chick who tortured me in high school) being on Project Runway, and after scrambling home with Tasha from Dinner Club to see how she would fight her way through the new nail-biting, seat-gripping season, Simone gets knocked off in the first episode. This sucks for two reasons. One, I barely got a chance to watch her go down. Two, now the show is going to be a little less fun to watch. You know how parties start to fizzle when the cute guy leaves? That kind of less fun. After the cute guy exits you're mostly just stuck avoiding all the leftovers til your friends take you home. Simone was sort of Tasha's and my cute guy. Oh well let's talk about how I haven't been to any good house parties this year.*

Parties are just awkward stews that consist of four basic ingredients:

1) beverages
2) dancing
3) pee pee lines
4) people trying to touch other people's privates with their privates

The only time parties are actually fun for me is when Justin is wasted, someone is miraculously making me laugh hard, or I'm in the midst of a tantalizing convo with a stranger (never happens). House parties don't exist in Manhattan and I'm not dragging my ass out to Brooklyn on the off chance that I might fall into a deliriously jazzy game of Taboo with a bunch of hot people.

Fact 3: Sean Penn is douchier than that douchefight that Jeremy Piven and Stephen Dorff had at the douche hub Bungalow 8.

I'm tired of according Sean Penn eternal immunity all these years just because he's Spicolli, used to beat Madonna, and worked his magic acting skills in Bad Boys. His safety blanket is gone, now that he's torched it by making Into the Wild. I hated that movie more than I hate Jeremy Piven. Who needs to sit through a melodramatic tale about a selfish, uninteresting, self-indulgent, arrogant, naive little brat who accomplished nothing more than ruining his parents' lives? Oh no, your parents were mediocre and you had a case of standard suburban angst? Boo hoo you little twerp.

That movie was more patronizing than getting a pat on the head for giving someone a BJ. Why did that leisurely hippie get to have his life story told? I'll tell you why... because Jon Krakauer is a fucking great writer. Sean Penn, you get the "Over-the-Top-Cliche-Condescending-and-Linear-Tale-Telling-Award" that Spike Lee has held for his entire career with the exception of Clockers and When The Levees Broke. So FuYu Sean Penn, you have flushed Colors and your Oscars down the terlet.

Wow. I need a nap after that tangent.

* disclaimer: Gavin and Emily had a fun July 4th party on their roof this year, but they live in Brooklyn so it doesn't count. Also, Teddy has a huge loft in Soho that The Virgins played at this summer for his wife's fake Sweet Sixteen party. She wore a bikini and a tiara (so rad). It was catered by those bros on the Food Network who have that show "Two Dudes Catering," but I had to leave early with the band for their show that night, so that party doesn't count either.