Avivaland: more pals, meet them.

Some more peeps:

I left out Saturday. Saturday I went to Bacaro (again for the 3 millionth time) to say hi to Ben for his birthday. When we got there, these ladies were upstairs and we were having so much fun that I forgot about Ben's Bday downstairs until the very end of the night. In the meantime, here is some good bone structure brought to you by Lindsey, Aska, Crystal, and Merks.

Crystal used to be one of my besties before Aska got her extremely pretty little hands on her. Aska confirmed for me that Asians DO turn red when they drink. Look at her! She looks like an Irish grandad. Crystal = big part of my life. Get to know her, she's the sweetest.

Keevers! Keeva is seriously one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, but you can't tell because she's hiding behind that hand. Anyhow, she looks like a... wait here comes a GIGANTIC cliche... a pre-Raphaelite painting! No homo.

If you're not on the Cho-wagon, please board. You probably live under a rock or maybe you are over 50 if you don't know about Ben. He produces a fashion show (sometimes, not every season) that showcase his beautiful dresses. This season he laced good old-fashioned California Geodes onto his dresses, which I loved. Ben is a Ten. A Poem by Aviva Yael.

Speaking of the Chowagon, here's one of his besties, Carrie-oke! Guess how she got that nickname?

Monday nights I supplement my eager living as a "writer" by pouring drinks at the best secret vibe ever... Monday nights at Lit for Andrew Kuo and Josh Wildman's HUGS party. They played for the Taxter & Spengman party at Art Basel this weekend. Free trip to Miami to do this:


Tuesday I headed uptown to hang tough with Ted at his local bar called the Ding Dong. With a zany name like that how can you not have a wild and wacky time!!? We got slowly pooped on Jameson, which explains why he's wearing my Boca shades and the ugly $2.00 scarf that I purchased in Cambodia. Yes that's right. I was in the Angkor Wat temples last year, no bigs. Are you impressed yet? I had no reason to slip that in there; its just a brazen attention-getting technique. I'm so desps.

My favorite thing about Ted aside from his impressive storytelling skills (myspace.com/tedreflectsthat - read his blog) is that he has an enormous collection of books. I think maybe Justin has a few more, but Ted's books are total chick magnets. I told him to pull the poetry shelf out a little and make it girls' eye-level (about 5'6") so that its the first thing they see when entering his rape cave. SO kidding Ted! About the book tips, not the rape cave. Moving along...

Wednesday I went to my favorite Jew haven in New York City, Zabars. Tawk about delicious food Brenda. I know that goyim don't understand the beauty of a perfectly smoked whitefish salad, fresh and crispy Half-Sours, or a soft unsticky homemade rugelach, but let me tell you. Eating the Eastern European poor people's foods from Zabar's is like a lifeline. I was all jazzed up on my jazzy deli selections for like three more days. Its gourmet so they have all kinds of white people food too, like sushi tuna and cucumber salad and stupid shit like that.

That night I went over to David's to walk his dog with him and ran into Carrie-oke in the elevator. Then Sarah, David's ex, stopped by. Long story short, you'll never guess where we all ended up later... Bacaro, shocker.

Tasha and Diana
Diana did cool magic tricks with the lighting effects on my camera, so we went kind of nuts.

Here's one of my very best friends Danielle. She not only came to meet me in Thailand last year, but she traveled with me to Laos and Cambodia. Thailand is an armpit btw. Its the Tijuana of Southeast Asia. She also came on the last Virgins tour with us. Hot driver much?
After two or three bottles of wine we stumbled around the corner to Justin's bar, Sweet Paradise. Oh look, its my new GF Alex! I like you! Flossy Yasi was visiting from LA and we had a mindblowingly hilarious Dealbreakers session. Her friend Mary gave me the best Dealbreaker EVER: men in nimble footwear. Ha! Hahaha! HAHAAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I added Burgundy Velour to my list. Its just the fucking worst.

I think this is enough for now. I will do another round of this, and once you meet my inner circle and a few regulars, we will move onto talking shit about things that I find annoying, which is everything.