Avivaland: my pals. Also, food.

One week with me as your tour guide. This is mostly about food. Have you seen me lately? I'm plump. Like in a jolly fat guy way. Oh well at least black guys like me now so ZING Sienna Miller you skinny sack of shit. Anyhow...
My week started out by meeting Justin for a movie at the IFC. He didn't tell me anything about the movie other than that it was a teenage scandal. He left out the part about it being an extremely boring B&W subtitled film from the 50's about a pregnant Ingrid Bergman. The ultimate time burglar. To make up for the $11.00 three hour nap I'd endured on his behalf, Justin kindly took me to Blue Ribbon for some wine.

We ran into Chris and Babycakes at the bar. Also saw Tim Barber and his girlfriend. Sunday is couples night.

I didn't know Babycakes' real name for almost two months. I kept thinking who in the hell "Erin" was until I finally asked someone. She got her nickname because she owns... surprise! Babycakes Bakery. If you're in the LES go in there and get the brownies. Its all vegan and allergy friendly, but you'd never know it. She's been on Martha Stewart a couple of times and has an amazing biz. B-A-B-Y-C-A-K-E-S. *note to boys: buy your GF things from here to increase your chances of getting an awesome beej.

Don't you want the girl who bakes your cakes to look like this? I do.

We walked over to Market Table for dinner with Tasha and her bro. Its brand new and from the same owners as Little Owl (my favorite restie). Erin knew the Chef, who is reponsible for putting $14. Hush Puppies on the menu. And guess what those little fried fritters were dipped in? HONEY. oh-my-fucking-delicious-god!

Food porn! The Jenna Jameson of lamb dishes if you will.

Next Justin and I went to a dinner party at Spike's house. My old boss from Vice was there, Shane, with one of my favorite special ladies Meryl Smith aka Merks (I've already introduced her to you back in August). They are so cute together it gives strangers warm fuzzies when they walk past. Eddy and Aska cooked all the food, which was delish. Dinner #2 (this is why it looks like I have babies in my tummy).

Also, met my new non-sexual lesbian girlfriend crush Alex. She's the raddest! If you live in LA try to be friends with her. Single White Female it if you have to ladies. You shoud be friends with this gem. She's golden.

I want these. (they are available at the New Museum on Bowery but they're limited edition so hurry please thanks love you).

This is getting long so I'm going to bed. I'll finish tomorrow.