Baby Veevers

I was really into ballet and partying when I was wee. All I remember about this time (I was about 3) was that I was scared of flushing the toilet (it was so loud!) and that my best friends were named Weebo, Celu, and Ortez. Also, what the hell was my mom doing with my hair? MOM?

That is my first boyfriend Howie Lambert. I'm still pals with him! We recently had a drink at The Saint (the Max Fish of New Orleans), where we watched that depressing movie about the Golden Gate Bridge jumpers and drank $5. Laphroaics. He told me I was the first girl to break up with him and he's never had a real girlfriend since. Um, sowwie? Sheesh.
His parents own Preservation Hall, an institution in the French Quarter, right next to Pat O'Briens. I spent my peanut-sized years up to age 7 dancing ballet around the Hall in my tutu on the weekends.

My parents owned a store on the corner of Royal Street and Pirate's Alley. That's me in the window during Mardi Gras. What you can't see is the floats and beads and alligator costumes behind me that our gay window designers whipped up. Steve n Pepper. They had one of those awesome Pac-Man watches which they let me play with whenever I went to their house. Anyhow, if you visit New Orleans please look at that corner. Its a very special place. This is what it looks like now (portly blondes not included):

Early Raging: my parents had a crawfish boil in our backyard and they threw me a bubblegum blowing contest, which I lost. I cried about it for the rest of the day. Thanks Dad, great idea stupes!

My 15 Minutes was playing the "Lead Little Mouse" in The Nutcracker. That meant nothing, but I bragged about it anyway.
Little girls sort of have a choice between ponies, Barbie, and ballet. At least I didn't take the path of least resistance (Barbie).