Holiday Party Time!

Nick and Chrissie had a Christmas party. Yours truly got the food and hired a very special guest host and my favorite favorite favey fave, Christmas Tree Mom (my YouTube obsession) to host the tree trimming!

Please buy tickets to see The Virgins on NYE at Mercury Lounge if you haven't already. CTM is opening for them! What's that? Oh, you're WELCOME world! No really, its no skin off my nose. Whats that, sweetie? You're going to Lit to the HUGS party first to visit me, Andrew Kuo and Wildman? Wait... what? Oh. You got tickets to see Paul Oakenfold and that sizzling new Belgian DJ who likes to MC on the mic over your favorite hi-NRG dance jams. Ooookkkkeeeeyyyy. Oh well sweetie, there's always next year. Me? Oh I don't care about NYE like you do. But thats so cute how you picked out a new outfit for the occasion! I DO hope you meet someone special. Sooomebody deserves to see you in that snazzy new 2xist International Male V-Neck you picked up at Century 21. You did? Wow. I didn't know they still made Drakkar Noir. Well I'm sure it smells good on you, dear. Anyhoo, enjoy your New Year. I'm just gonna get back to this fabulous Christmas party I attended the other night. Ciao!

I looove Citarella. They make Dean & Deluca look like the fat friend. They have all this specialty, hard to find stuff like sea urchins! Weird!

I stuck to the traditional Holiday glazed ham and selected fine cheeses and whatnot.

A very special guest entered the party: Christmas Tree Mom!!!

Chrissie got all flushed and fanned out. Zack Attack!

A photo shoot by the tree ensued.

Jen and Lesley

Jen Brill again, Mel, and Rafael

Alex Burns

Veevers and MZ (Michelle)

I don't know who this is, but he was really funny. Who is that Chrissie?

Drea (their upstairs neighbor)

Best photo by the tree award!



Nick, my little Jewish little angel. He wrote a very special song about me called "Stupeed Beetch." Three chords. Idnat sweet y'all? Theenks Nick! You're the best.

I'm a big fan of Hilary! If you look closely you can see the hair standing up on my arm. That's because of Hilary's story about how she was on a deserted beach somewhere in Vermont and a huge family of crisp white people in matching white turtlenecks and jeans, windswept hair, blue eyes and smiles, came walking down the beach toward her while a photographer snapped them backwards, everyone laughing and carefree. Grandparents, mom and dad, teenagers, tweens, little kids, and babies alike. All in one glorious, shiny, Christian presentation. I'm getting Jew chills just thinking of it.

Anyhow, it was a fun party. People had CTM sign their bottles of Baileys! Are you feeling the love? Christmas Tree Mom sure was, surely for sure. Fershaw. Fersh.