Nighttime Veevers

Some more friends from the Circle of Trust:

Eric Slovin is one of the funniest people and oldest friends that I know in New York. He was born and raised here and still loves the City. He says he doesn't wear headphones on the subway or when he's walking to work because he's afraid he'll miss something good. He said this back when he was living on the UES and walking to Rockefeller center every morning. That is a pretty juicy walk. Its kind of romantic. Eric is a comedian/writer, so he's on strike right now. He says that the picket lines are giant meat markets, teeming with hot people who are in 'the biz.' Sounds like a bunch of horny just-got-out-of-college kids who are advancing the intellectual realms of RomCom script-writing and coming up with one-liners for sitcoms. An ever-exciting and unpredictable challenge! For real though, I want the writers back so I can watch American Dad. Dude, I KNOW its embarassing that I like a cartoon, but they make tons of sexist, racist, classist, homophobic, and ethnocentric jokes that they pull off with the smoothness of a baby on a banana slide. Plus, the alien is an alcoholic transexual shut-in. Crucify me.
Eric (
We had noodles at Rai Rai Ken, then he took me took me to a bar uptown to meet Leo, Bobby and A.D. Miles. Bobby and my friend Eugene had this amazing comedy show at Rififi's for 5 years called Invite Them Up. When I first moved to NY I was sort of a comedy bitch (groupie), but it was by default. I didn't know a single person here and was staying with David, so I inherited his pals. This was my crew... along with Shonali, Demetri, Maya, and, well, you have no idea who or what I'm talking about so nevermind. Point is, those were some of my best times here, and lately I've been rekindling with the OGs. The ones who knew me when I was naive and innocent before I got raped by cold, fast, New York City and turned into an emotionless, impatient workaholic.
Leo and Bobby

Anyhow, guess where Eric took me? Ted's local spot the Ding Dong! Ladies? Anyone?

Then to the Beatrice Inn to meet more pals and the models and bottles and cocaine and crucial vibes crowd. That place is so claustrophobic and smokey I truly can't stand it there. It puts me in a bad mood everytime. Pictured here: Alex and Amy, Ramona, Tasha.

The next day I went with Athena to see the Joe Strummer documentary. I saw 6 movies in 10 days (sad, I know) but thats another story. Then to Lit for HUGS, for the Opening Ceremony Holiday party after party thingy. Humberto had two parties there this month and one last month, all on Mondays. I'm starting to think he's a promoter who does the fashion thing as a side project. I floated Patrick a Vuarnet shirt from my extensive collection of boys' vintage surf gear.

The next day Nick and I went to Carrie's for her holiday party. She always has fabulous little cocktail parties with delicious food. Of all of my friends, she has the all-time best apartment. Its beautiful and cozy and it feels like you're in Carrieworld. There's cool shit everywhere and its perfetly decorated. Anyhow, last time I went to one of her parties I brought this babe I was hanging out with and got a little bit tipsy. We went to the Bowery Hotel afterwards for a drink, where I spilled not one, but TWO martinis on myself. GROSS! Then we talked about our exes. Sweet date! There were no tears or anything, but it was pretty much the biggest dealbreaking combo ever.

Next night I went to Times Square to meet Vivan for the MTV screening of Sweeney Todd. Love Johnny Depp, love Helena Bonham Carter, love costumes in Tim Burton movies, love the story of Sweeney Todd. Know what I don't love? Musicals. It was a fucking musical. Thankfully I fell asleep, but from what I saw it was graphic and gory, which makes it neato. We decided to make it a double feature and headed downtown to see No Country for Old Men. Javier Bardem was soooo scary!!!!!! That weird hair and those perfectly clean burgundy boots and those ill-fitting polyester pants... immaculate. The scariest scene was in the gas station when he was terrorizing that old man. I wanted to protect him so badly. God what a white-knuckle seat-gripper! Loved it!

The next night was Stephanie's Christmas Karaoke party at Sing Sing. Steph and I went to the same high school in Mill Valley. Tam High! Just a little Veevers trivia. Cat, Mark, Justin, Stephanie, Tasha, and Chris are in these pics. There were more peeps but I left early. I loooove me a good 'roke. I just added Runaround Sue to the list and officially buried Rainbow in the Dark by Dio. I will never sing you again.

Look at that hair bro! (He cut it like three days later)
Hot Stephanie

love is in the air