Intern needed to do research/data entry for the fashion website I'm editing. If you are into fashion and LOVE downtown New York and you want to learn all about blah blah blah etc etc, please inquire within. You can and will receive credits for school. Plus, I'm fun to work with. My current intern is happy and healthy but her internship is ending soon so I need someone pronto. Help me spread the word!

My friend Handsome Ted and I are working on a very fun new project that includes answering your most burning questions about how to deal with stupid people. This includes roommates, bosses, weird moms, neighbors, bad bartenders, and of course your girlfriends, boyfriends, and exes. We prefer to deal with the relationship stuff most of all, but we will try to answer you nonetheless. I've already received alot of great advice questions from some of you, but its time for more problems. We will post them eventually, so stay tuned. Keep them coming! If you wish to remain anonymous, just let me know. Gimme the goss dudes!

I have a huge friggin list of books I need, but cannot afford due to my bingey book spree last month. No joke, it was out of control and I'm paying Vegas coke money for my apartment so I need public assistance. Think of it as a literacy program. What? You think its bullshit? But I need these books to keep my brain from being bored. If anyone out there wants to buy my love, I've conveniently provided a link on this blog with the Amazon logo that connects straight to my dreams. And if you buy me Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition I will play it with you, as long as you are not crazy or my dad's age. That would be weird.