C. U. N.ext T.uesday

I had a weekly Tuesday night party in the LES at the Eastside Company called C.U.N.ext T.uesday. It was suuuper funtimes while it lasted. Past DJs included:

Ben Cho
The Henry & Thomas
Surface 2 Air DJs (Gordon Hull & Co)
Patrick O'Dell
Tony Ynot
Daniel Collas
Lissy Trullie
Anton & Patrick
Eugene Mirman
David Cross
DJ Fuckin A (that's me)
Wes Lang
Rebecca Guinness
Har Mar Superstar
Prince Language
Tim Barber
Bill Strobeck
Amy Kellner
Abby Klein
Lesley Arfin
Leo Fitzpatrick

This is Mark. John Roberts is obviously my favorite gay, but Mark is second. Sadly Mark belongs to Hot Stephanie, Shay, and Mira.

Gordon Hull. My favorite of the regular DJs. He played Lovers Rock and Jamaican oldies. So great for dance parties. People made out more on his nights than any of the other DJ nights.

Anita and the girl who designs Marc Jacobs. Forgot her name but I'm genuinely jealous of her.

Saidah is basically the shit.

Ben, Sarah

Thomas (regular DJ) and some hipster dewd with an awful slant on irony

The chick on the right is this girl who worked at Cafe Habana FOREVER. I battled it out with her during the Williamsburg Dodgeball tournament. I got the entire crowd to chant CHEATER! CHEATER! CHEATER! against their cheatin' ass team. We had beef back then but now we're bros. The dude next to her is a complete and total BARNEY. One of my best friends dated him for two years while he sucked the life and money out of her. Every time I see him I have to thwart the douchebag darts that flame from his skin. You have NO idea.

DJ Fuckin A and DJ DC

Les Savvy Syd


Chris and Justin. Justin's one of the hot British dudes behind a wee little company called Rock Star Games. Heard of it?

Wendy. If you're into crafts, being cute, or making clothes, buy THIS.

Smoky Eyes McGee in the middle is named Serena and she's the biggest fag hag in all of New York, except she's not annoying. She is in fact, a doll.

Carol Lee (left, looking perfect) and someone who I suspect was either her intern or at least a minimally paid protege. How come no one said anything to Carol about the no sunglasses at night rule? Oh yeah, because she'd eat you. Carol is not fucking around. Plus, who wants to tell a gorgeous magazine maven she can't do something for the sake of fashion? Not me.

Thomas the official Fashion Week DJ (he never goes out but comes out twice a year during FW to DJ the Seven party and other good stuff)

Ridiculously hot French chick

Berrin the beautiful

Aw, Patrick! We miss you in New York! He's living the good life in Los Angeles now. R.I.P. P.O.D.

Stone cold fox alert: Christina and leetle Naveed

Crystal and Leah

Hey! Its my bio picture! P.O.D. took this one. Thanks Patrick, I use it all the time. I need a new bio pic- this one's old.

No idea.

Amy, Catherine and her sis, Sarah. Does anyone know who Nathan Bogle is? Well, he's basically the most handsome man to be born in the Commonwealth, and he's also Catherine's sizzling new boyfriend. This would be the second friend of mine who has dated someone from my Wish List. The other one was Spike Jonze, love o my life, but that's long gone. I got over my crush about two seconds after my boyfriend and I went to meet up with Aska and Spike and saw all the smooching. ENNEHOOO moving along...

Leah and Adam


Cellphone, check. Drink ticket, check. Coke vial, check. Okay let's go.

Justin Bro-bby and Veevers (that's me)


Wes Lang (he DJd with Gordon, another regular)

Language and Josh, and I think part of Brendan Donnelly's face. Speaking of, WHERE'S MY RASTAFARIAN PUG T-SHIRT BRENDAN???

Debbie D and I crashed Temple Emanuel's Yom Kippur service once by saying we were from the Beverly Hills chapter and they let us into the 'B' service. 'A' was in the main temple and had a red carpet, velvet ropes, and big black security guards in tuxedos (no joke). This service was for the Madoffs, Paltrows, Von Furstenburgs, Rothschilds, etc. The 'B' people were invited guests who don't pay the $100K/year membership fees, and our service was on the backside of the temple in the 'theater.' The 'C' service was for the poors and was held in some dark room with no lights or running water round back.

Emanuel is no joke. Its like a Country Club for Upper East Side Jews. Its so beautiful even Jesus goes there to pray. HEY-O!

I think crashing a temple to go fancy pray is technically okay, since I only went there specifically to apologize for the past year's stupes maneuvers and thank Jesus for all the things I'm grateful for. And now that we're having real talk, those things would be: my amazing family, all my friends, my blessed life, and all of the opportunities I've been given. Amen.

By the way, I'm not religious AT ALL and I believe that when you die you're dead, but I like to go to Yom Kippur once a year for tradition and to give thanks. TMI?

Jon Santos of Santos Party House fame. Not really, but he is one of my favorite DJs. You can catch him at the China Chalet.

Gordy again

Justin aka Steve Zahn if he were at the Kokomo. More pics to follow. That took me forever...