Daddy Veevers

My Dad turned 65 this year. I have an older dad, I know. We never celebrate his birthday because something sad happened on his birthday 11 years ago, and this was the first time we've done anything on that day since. I'm happy to celebrate it, because I have the kindest, most wonderful dad in the whole world and I owe so much of my happiness and corny sense of humor to him. Here's to you Dad! Thanks for being the cutest person in the world...

I ordered pigeon, which I thought would be good since we dined at one of our favorite restaurants, Oliveto's. Big mistake, it was disgusto.
The next night Dad took me to a Warriors game. They were playing the Pacers, who had 4 ex-Warriors on their team, which equaled high drama and neck-in-neck balling all the way through the last quarter. Dad got ridiculously amazing seats from my stepmom's law firm. We were in the fancy section which means we didn't have to go to the nasty bathrooms and eat with 'the poors'. I've only ever sat in the poor section, so I knew no better. The game is much more engaging when you're all up in their grills up front. The only thing that stank about the game was that The Star Spangled Banner was delivered in a jazzy muted Sax Solo. Total bummer bro.

The very next night I took my dad to see his present, a comedy show in San Francisco. It was hosted by one my favorite dudes, The Mirmanator, Eugene Mirman. I hope you check the videos on his website. He's linked on this bitch for your convenience.

This is Michael Showalter, who just blurbed my book! Thanks Showsh! Link to my book (please pick up a copy):
Jon Benjamin used to do a hilarious comedy show called Tinkle with Todd Barry and David Cross at Piano's about 6 years ago. It was during the tail end of when New York was still a little gross and fun. My life was like this: work at DVF, regularly attend indie-nerd comedy shows, hang at the Hole/Max Fish/Mars Bar, listen to electroclash, tromp around town with high-maintenance boyfriend (Paul), live in Williamsburg loft w/best friend (Tasha), throw excellent parties. I don't even think I did anything productive back then other than buy cool shit and stare at people.

This is Tim & Eric throwing slices of pizza at the crowd. It went on for like 4 minutes before they got to the jokes, which were all based on the services and benefits of registering your email with Papa John's.

Dad's 65th birthday was a big freaking deal so it didn't end there. My stepmom flew us to LA for a mini family vacation, but I'm going to brunch now so I'll check you dudes later.

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