Who Cares?

So what. Its a new year. Its always a new year. I would totally tell you guys about my New Year's Eve but really, who cares? It was good. It was fun. It was long.

I went to Bacaro for dinner with Justin and 12 of our crew and then I went to Lit. You can see the gist of it here:


Those are Athena's pics. Sorry Athena! Theenks! I will post my own pics for my pals to look at soon. I'm just being a lazy cheater right now.

I did a lot last year. I'm very happy with 2007 and even 2006. I accomplished all of my goals except for going to the gym 4 days/wk. I finished my first book. I moved into my own apartment and made it beautiful. I read tons of books and practiced my writing. I figured out how to work for myself. I helped out a TON of people who asked favors from me and saw them gain some successes from it. I was a loyal friend, a good daughter, a good girlfriend, a good ex-girlfriend, and a good tour manager! I had fun too. I traveled all over Southeast Asia by myself (Danielle joined me at the end), I toured with The Virgins (soooo fun), I took vacations and fell in love and ate at every good restaurant in New York below 42nd Street.

Most importantly, I am really happy. Its true. I'm happy as a clam! Not that I don't have my fears and worries, but overall... pretty good vibes. I think I can attribute this to the fact that I finally resigned to being kind of a geek. People don't know this. They tell me I've 'got it all' or that I'm lucky, but what they don't know is that it took me forever ever ever to make my life this way. I'm figgin happy! And I have no idea how I got here. I was sad for so long I didn't think of life any other way.

Unfortunately I learned this through lots of loss (two sisters and both grandmothers, heartbreak, regrets, bad decisions, laziness, crappy friends) and lots of unnecessary giving. I expended unfortunate amounts of energy on intellectual and emotional Time Burglars (see the How To Speak Aviva entry for the definition). Truth is I also wasted lots of my own time partying with a bunch of LES losers who all kiss each others' asses to the point of embarrassment. Its really queer. Once I stepped away from the crucial vibes that persist in that social circle I started appreciating different things. DUH! It took me years to get settled here in New York, but I've managed to cut out all TBs and build a nice giant fort of unboring peeps around me, who join me in doing neato things like NIGHTBIKE and Dinner Club.

I don't have any resolutions this year but I do have goals.

1) Finish another book. This one is all words no pictures.

2) Volunteer again at the Henry Street Settlement. I used to read to old people. I love old people.

3) Stop being unskinny. Its fun for guys to squeeze you when you're all snuggled up n stuff, but being super extra cushy doesn't look good in tight clothes, lets' face it. Don't get me wrong, I love my curves and blalalalalaahhh but I'm a chick who lives in New York and I'm surrounded by poreless, androgynous, international beauties. A fact I can live with, but I'd like to step up my Buns of Steel mission.

Speaking of Buns of Steel I was doing some research for my book and I found these pictures that were taken about two months ago in Russia. After looking at these, my vagina went down to the pub for a beer and decidedly jumped in the East River. Doesn't matter since I'm blind now and will no longer be able to have a sexual thought again. Feel free to make one of these into a screensaver for that bitch in Accounting. Or better yet, why don't you make this into one of those inter-office chain emails that sweeps the nation like Oprah's YouTube stars? Forward away people! This is NOT out yet. I found it on an obscure Russian site.

And now, for a good old-fashioned eye-raping...

- Veevers