I'm back home visiting my family and friends in the Bay Area for the winter. These things make me homesick:

Fat, friendly lesbians

Scary rape clowns

Rapey, homeless clowns

Great sad old man dive bars in the Tenderloin and Mission

Shitty Chinatown Dive Bars like the LiPo Lounge

The Bow Bow is the worst place to do Karaoke in San Francisco, but 'Mama' has a crush on my special person and gives us free drinks so we visit her every time I'm home.

Super deleech endless Mexican food restaurants with BIG servings of CHEAP guacamole, unlike anything in New York. The Mexican food in New York sucks as bad as the deli coffee. I've been on a quest to find good authentic cheap Mexican food other than tacos for 6 years and haven't found anything that compares to the Mission.

My best friend from back home is Liz. She's beautiful, kind, mellow, and she has the best taste of anyone I know. Her apartment could be in a magazine. She's a genius designer and everything with her is always immaculate. I think if I didn't have her and Tasha in my life I'd pretty much just be a pile.

This is Mill Valley. I was born and raised in the French Quarter of New Orleans but I moved to Mill Valley in middle school. Did you know that TuPac went to my high school? Its true! We had the best theater program in the State. Yep, TuPac was a drama freak. I saw him get a standing O after he did a Shakespearian one-act play. He was also the most popular dude in school. Mill Valley is located in the foothills of Mount Tamalpais, and its almost all woods. Its in southern Marin County, and on the other side of the mountain is Stinson Beach, Bolinas, and Point Reyes. Its so beautiful here that I get bummed on filthy New York sometimes when I come home. You should grab a beer on the deck of the Mountain Home Inn if you're driving to Muir Woods or Stinson.

We used to hitchhike after school to the beach infront of the 2am Club.

This used to be our local surf shop, Marin Surf Sports. I heard my old high school pal Nathan McCarthy bought the shop. He was such a little babe. We had TONS of hot surfer guys at my high school.

The BEST thing about the Bay Area is the thrifting. I mean DUDE! I found a vintage BUCKWHEAT SURFING t-shirt for $10.!!! Who made those? Weren't those G&S? I had a pink one when I was wee that said "Buckwheat Say Waves Otay Surf All Day" but this one rules too because it says "TETCH A WAVE." I shall call this one my 'MANCATCHER.' Mark my words.

I bought this one for Amy Kellner. Does it not rule?

Oh look its vintage Bolle sunglasses no big deal. These gems were $1.00
I have a HUGE archive of men's old surf/skate gear from the 80s and 90s, if anyone ever wants to see some of it. Maybe I'll take pics of my archive and sell them to you guys off this blog. I can't keep it all. Panama Jack half tops, Vuarnet tees, Ron Jon casbah hats, Vans painters caps, the list goes on. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah, and then there's my special person. I've known him since I was 20. He's the only person who laughs at me when I'm super cranky and being a huge bitch, which in turn makes me laugh. We can't even get in a fight because as soon as one of us gets mad we both start cracking up. I've never met anyone else like that. But we're reeeaally diff. Like, I'm into art and fancy magazines and string theory and collecting books and traveling to weird places and I like not knowing whats next... and he's into being a grownup and having a solid job and being really responsible. He's interesting and handsome and kind. He's not cool and has no idea who Terry Richardson is and doesn't care. He doesn't look at blogs and he gives two shits about fashion. He likes being quiet together and watching movies and cooking and hanging with his friends and keeping things simple. I'm all about doing anything I can to avoid being bored. Opposites attract I guess.

This is a picture of him making me laugh so hard I cried.