I'll admit it

I try to act like I am sick of Fashion Week and I'm totally over getting dressed up and going to parties and doing kissy-faces with beautiful acquaintances and industry peeps...but I'm totally lying. I love fashion shows and designers and parties and free champagne and food and the gift bags and all that stuff. I got my invites last week and its making me homesick. Here are some things I think you can go to with or without a list:

Would you be a dear and say hi to Sevs for me from her # 1 fan? She'll know who you mean. Tell her I'll be lined up outside Opening Ceremony like those crazed sea hags who ravaged the H&M when Stella McCartney launched her line with them. Riots and shit on Broadway. Claws, clumps of hair, rogue acrylic nails, sweaty mittens, piles of garbage, hangers at the register, etc.
I think I've been to every one of these and they are always 100% super fun. Go early!

Watch out for:

a) People referring to everything as fabulous
b) Gabi from AsFour trying to put glitter on your nose
c) The gays get mean during Fashion Week. Sorry boysss I love you, but its true.
d) You'll hear the phrase 'en chante' for real, and the term 'gorgeous' will be uttered at a notch above normal non-stop everywhere you turn for the duration of Fashion Week.
e) You will see all kinds of retail sluts and LA trashion trolling the tents/parties/lounges this week. Try not to roll your eyes too much. It leads to headaches.

Poor one (champagne) out for your dead homie Aviva.