LA Veevers

My stepmom flew us down to LA for a weekend getaway in Beverly Hills for Dad's birthday. Even my little brother came down from Portland. He's getting his PhD in neuroscience with a focus on genetics. I just published a book about stupid tattoos. Same diff? Meanwhile, we were all excited to take a family field trip to sunny Los Angeles, but it turned into a total Clark Griswold weekend. Please, do join us.

Look at this stupid, stupid loser. I know its a free country but do you really need to do your morning stretches in your portable yoga studio? I can live without you grunting spread eagle infront of me first thing in the morning bro.Look at you, you're a mess! Head-to-toe brown pile fabrics? Really? Ladies, if you want people to have a crush on you don't dress up like Mr. Yoga Bear's morning turd.

A harrowing storm was looming above LA when we arrived. It would merely foreshadow the high drama we were about to experience.

Most of the reason we decided to go to LA was to take Dad to the symphony for his birthday at the new Frank Gehry building, but the only showing was 'Britten's War Requiem.' Sounded bleak and unfestive so we had to figure something else out.

We bought tickets to see the Murakami exhibit at MOCA but when we got there it was pouring rain and there was a minimum one hour wait to get in. I can't get into how and why, but long story short we ended up at a Koo Koo Roo. BLAAARF.

Neato statue outside of MOCA

We went to the Botanical Gardens in the Valley where it wasn't raining. While we were there I got an invitation to join Aska and a bunch of dudes at the LA Gun Club. Couldn't attend of course. That almost counts as two strikes because I was at the boring Botanical Gardens AND I missed shooting a gun, a fear which I've always wanted to overcome. At least I was with these two lovely ladies, my stepmom and little cousin Lindsey.

We stayed at the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills. Not quite my parents' cup of tea. Black walls, mirrors on the ceiling and in the background was the kind of non-descript house music I imagine that the Chillout Lounges in Ibiza have on rotation for those who are coming down off of poolside Mangotini/Ecstacy hangovers. On the other hand, I had some juicy celebrity sightings at breakfast and in the elevator.

That night was my Dad's big birthday dinner at Madeo Restaurant in Beverly Hills. However, the rain was TORRENTIAL and we got a flat on the way to dinner, Dad got soaked changing the tire in a storm, and we ended up eating crappy Chinese across the street from the hotel, during which a homeless lady came in and started tearing things up. Poor Dad.

Things finally got fun later that night:
Chris Cester (right) was having drinks in the hotel. Incase you're new to the blog, we toured with his band JET last year. The JET dudes were such partiers that eventually it became a known fact that spending the night on their bus = 2 brutally lost recuperation days. If you're a fan of The Virgins, here are links to the first two tours. Click the 'Detail' option if you want to read my commentary:

Tour #1:
Tour #2:

Later Zach picked me up and we headed to my favorite Japanese Piano Bar/after hours spot M Bar for a little get together I was throwing. I didn't take pics of everyone, but here are a few pals:
Laura, Jay, Har Mar (Sean aka Ron Jeremy)
Preston (I love him)
Elana (her BF Nash is a 10 btw), Zach, Joanna Bean

Jay is my very favorite person in the world. I LOOOOVE him. The guy is a ball of laughs. You may recognize him as the funny one from Mr. Show or the weenis cop from the Sarah Silverman Program. I hope that every single one of you has the chance to hang with Jay at least once before you die. The man is perfect. Every guy I have introduced him to develops a mancrush on him. Women hate his guts unfortunately. Here 's a terrible picture of us on a group trip to St. Martin a couple of years ago:
My hair. I know. Its fixed now.

Both Lauras
Everyone has a crush on Sarah, but I think Laura (her sister) is hotter. Plus her voice is scintillating. No homo.

Thanks to all my friends who showed up! I'm going back down to LA again next week for a meeting and a wedding so I'll be throwing another shindig. I think I'm coming down with the flu.

Goodnight everybody