OMG! MOZ and Michael Stipe made love in their tushies!!!

Just heard from a semi-reliable third party source who heard it first hand from the Gay Mafia out of Moz Angeles. Supposedly he's a pitcher... and Stipe was his only break from his weird Asexualism.

I think Moz is just fine and I enjoy his music, but the whole Grateful Dead vibe, with people suddenly following him like Dead Heads... isn't that just a trend that Ryan McGinley started like 3 or 4 years ago? I mean, no offense to my Moz loving pals, but I call bullshit on that. There is just no way that out of all of the musicians and bands one could choose to follow around the nation, that it would be Morrisey. And yes, I'm aware his shows are amazing.

Go ahead, crucify me.

Also, vote today. For the black guy. He's a good egg.

He's not progressive, he's extremely centrist (very similar to Hillary voting-wise), not as shrew or experienced in politics as Hillary... but he speaks to us, and he's not too corporate. More importantly, Hillary can't beat McCain. Obama maybe has a chance. Sorry, I've avoided getting on a soapbox about it for at least a month but I can't hold it in anymore. We need the old guard out and Obama's young, friendly face being our mouthpiece overseas. I am hopeful that if he is elected he will appoint some decent do-gooders and get cracking on an actual gameplan for healthcare. He could be the next Carter without the pacifism. Okay, sorry that's it.