I know. I'm still finshing up two projects, then I will tell you my stories. I know that abandoning my blog for this long makes me seem flaky, but trust me if I could show you pictures of my friends, gross people, and the occasional link to happiness, I'd rather be doing that. I have a big ol' pile of work today which I hope to finish. Then its party time at my apartment. Just me, my iPhoto, my computer, a cup of tea and a cucumber sandy. Then you and me.

On a serious note, I am working very hard to get the word out about the tattoo book, and I can use all of the help in the world. So if your best friend is an editor at Gawker, your boyfriend is the guy who profiles New Yorkers for Refinery29.com, or someone you love has a blog that people like you and me read a lot would you be so kind as to send me a link and a name? I will send them a press kit and a copy of my book. Thanks for reading all this stuff guys. Sorry if its a little weird of me to ask.

Oh, did you see the post about how white people love Difficult Breakups? What about the one about Mos Def? Not since the now defunct VeiledConceit.com have I laughed so hard: http://www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.wordpress.com
Speaking of stuff white people like, hows abouts this pic I snapped in... guess! San Francisco, the very whitest place on earth.