Fat Are People Too

I'm plump right now. Thankfully guys still ask me out on dates and someone special thinks I'm pretty all over, but it doesn't matter what anyone says when you feel like you look like a potato in your clothes. I'm going to ride my bike again now that it feels like Spring is coming back. NIGHTBIKE LIVES!!! (see the world's cutest, yet least updated blog by Amy Kellner: www.teenageunicorn.com for vintage NIGHTBIKE photos. Its waaaayyyy down there on the list of entries, but totally worth the trip).

Stuff White People Like just got a $350,000 book deal. Three months of the same joke (which I looooove) and they get to buy a house. Or half a house. I'm such a stalker I went so far as to follow the authors' links and look at what I suspect is their unintentionally publicly posted wedding pictures on their Flickr account. I felt weird and guilty, like I was reading my boyfriend's emails or something. It also kind of ruined the fun for me. I liked it better when the authors were two anonymous, slightly fat, bitter dudes from Brooklyn (in my head). Turns out they're a plain-type-of-pretty Canadian looking couple. They have hundreds and hundreds of photos of food that seem almost professional, but were probably taken with a Powershot. There are too many of them to have been snapped on well-lighted sets.