Its close to the end

Its just crazy to me that Patrick Cleandenim isn't spending his life touring and being the best new musical talent in the entire world. His songs make me feel like skipping pebbles. Here's a happy video starring my friend Ingrid Sophie Schram III. This isn't even his best song. Rocket to the Moon rules. He's 21 or so and looks like The Little Prince. I bet its expensive and takes a ton of production to tour with a grand piano. Anyhow, the album is great and its on iTunes if you want it:

So I went straight and got a 9-5 starting Monday. I haven't had a 9-5 since I worked for Diane von Furstenberg 4 years ago, so this is major. I'm freaking out but still excited. Thanks Athena for hooking it up! I'm going to Banana to buy a white button down. Justfuckingkidding. My look will be sexy secretary pencil skirts, 4" heels and preppy sweaters American Psycho style. I'm scared. I can't believe I'm going to pack lunches and ride my bike to the World Trade Center every morning! EEEEWWWW Veevers is going boring norms for the first time ever. Thank GOD I'm finally out of fashion. Barf I hate fashion people they SUCK. Anyhow, I guess I have to kiss my adventureous life goodbye. I had a good run.

So long going to the museum whenever I want during the week when there's no crowds. So long freetime, bartending, and people watching in Soho at my cafe. So long working for myself and traveling far away. Goodbye going home for the winters and reading in the middle of the day. RIP touring with The Virgins. You guys were fun to live with in hotels for awhile. Its grownup time now.

Happy weekend. Its my last weekend of freedom before I disappear and turn into everyone else. Maybe I will start listening to Adult Contemporary and taking pilates. I hope I don't become invisible now. We have til we're 40 before people stop caring if we're alive or dead, right?