I mentioned this before, but the Stamina party is in affect at The Whitney Biennial. Agathe hired me to MC the original event which was videotaped for 24 hours. She is redoing the dance marathon for one week as some sort of living art piece for The Whitney. Maybe you'll catch me in some of the videos or photos of the event. I have no idea, because I'm not going. I am in a weird, anti-social vibe right now and don't want to leave my apartment. All I want to do is make things and write and eat and think about the future. I've been a real shut-in ever since I got back from California.

Anyhow, if you live here you should go to the Park Avenue Armory and dance. Its free and there are tons of good DJs. Agathe is a wonderful woman and I'm sure will make this extremely fun. If you go, please email me and tell me all about it. I will live vicariously through the young and the restless until I snap out of this "me" time.