Thanks n stuff!

I just woke up.

My heart is pounding and I think I'm experiencing that weird affliction that hippies and moms get. You know, the thing that makes you not be mean to your boyfriend and prompts you to look old people in the eye and give them a "hope you don't die soon" look? My best friend told me its called happiness. I feel like I got a face lift and my boobs got bigger for no reason. I feel like I'm the judge of the Brainy Babes of Oxford Annual P---y Eating Competition. Whatever it is its really neato and I hope it doesn't go away too soon.

Anyhow, I'm so grateful to everyone who has been coming out of the woodwork and showing me so much love! The recent fan (e)mail, the strangers who want to make sweet love to me even though I don't know them. I had no idea! Thank you. To my regular readers, sorry I've been absent lately. I've been super extra busy on projects and would rather sleep than be on the computer.

Thanks dudes. This is really fun. There are many good things in store.