Gavin McInnes is a Total Bastard

BUT he just had another baby, he's best friends with one of my family members, he gave me a job at Vice, he and Emily had the wedding of the century and invited 200 of their closest friends to sleep in a gigantic house in the Catskills to get wasted and make fake babies, and he writes stuff like this:


Check it daily.

And to the people who keep asking me to update: I will. When I'm not being busier than fucking ever. So please shut up. Have you seen me out? Chances are no. I'm trying to get work done and projects going. I'm trying to leave town every weekend. I'm trying to be skinny and box at my gym. I'm trying to stop dating morons. So when I have the time to talk shit about people, post pictures of myself that are prettier than I look in real life, and tell you stories that make me sound cooler than you, then I will fucking do it.