I'm in the Onion AV Club

Hey dudes-

I'm in the Onion AV Club this week. Check it out! Seth Rogan is the in the Interview, I'm in the Feature! I love The Onion and have been a devoted reader since before it existed.

The comments section is going NUTS.

I haven't been writing lately, so a couple of announcements. First off, Happy Birthday to Andrew Kuo! He was wearing a t-shirt that said "I'm with Wildman" at the Fish tonight. You missed it.

Anyhow, wanna here some goss? Okay... SO!

Last night I got a good old fashioned prank call! I never get pranked, so I went with it and started riffing with the chick because I kind of couldn't believe it, it was kind of funny, and I thought everything was tits. But then on the way to work this morning I figured out who it was and got the cringes all the way down to my elbow hairs. Turns out its this woman who has been stalking one of my ex-boyfriends for three fucking years. THREE YEARS. One time he took a train to visit some girl two hours away and guess who just happened to be on the same train car? Or what about when he came to New York and she just HAPPENED to be here the same week? She even calls my parents house periodically and hangs up in my poor little sweet dad's face. Needless to say, I'm scawod you guyths!

Total bummer. Totally took the funny out of the whole prank call vibe. If I'd known it was this creep I would've just told her to scram and hung up.

On a brighter note, the best prank call of the month was the Johnny Famous vs. David Cross riff (on speakerphone):

JF (Brooklyn accent, total conviction): "Hey David its Raphael Bustamonte. I met you at Dangerfield's a few months ago."

DC (didn't bat an eyelash): "Oh, hey man what's up? How are you?"

JF: "Good, good."

DC: "So, what're you up to?"

JF: "Oh, nothing. Just soaking in a tub eating baby quiches what're you up to?"

DC: "Well I wasn't doing anything, but now I'm masturbating."

Keep in mind these two have never met.

And now, to end this random entry, lets talk about Squidbillies. I'm OBSESSED. The writing is genius. And the music. And granny. Its all amazing. Radical Axis, you're my hero.

Sweet lil Rusty shredding