This story made my dead little heart cry woman tears

Okay, not really. But I did well up like I was still watching the Olympics. What an innovative and inspiring invention!


I'm having a good week:

- Fri-Sun: Cabin in the Catskills w/dog and three cookin, cleanin pals
- Monday: Insane Tribeca loft "party" in the Bazzini Building
- Tues: Kuo birthday party at the Fish, Math family funtimes
- Wed: Dinner with Jay Johnston and Carrie, See The Virgins at Santos
- Thurs: See Lykke Li at Rose
- Fri: Overnight in Philly to visit pals
- Sat: Work on Crystal's video set doing I don't know what
- Sunday: Beach house BBQ w/surf boards and beer

Monday ends the funnest summer ever. I went to Montauk, the Hamptons, the Catskills, and Westchester almost every weekend for 10 weeks. Not bad! Ramona has something to say about that, which we'll post very soon.

I will try to put some pictures up of people you should sleep with or be friends with pretty soon.