The Virgins, on my blog, again. Shocker.

Before I mention anything else, I just want to say how relieved I am about Hurricane Gustav turning out to be nothing. For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in the French Quarter on St. Phillip and Royal Street, and my mom lost her house in Katrina. Photographs, heirlooms, the whole nine. Its a very special place to me that will never be the same, and the anxiety of my tiny little mom being stuck in 14 hours of traffic just to get out of the city, having to leave all of her possessions behind- again- sort of ruined my Labor Day Weekend. I went out of town like everyone else, but I was anxious.

I returned last night for a party at Dave's beach shack and woke up this morning at 8am to work on the Virgins' video shoot, which I'll post pictures of as soon as I get them from Marissa. Crystal directed it, David Black shot it, and the awesome Gemma Corsano (one of my former employers at Wildcat NYC) produced it. I was hired to do production, but essentially ended up being Nick's masseuse and Benadryl/Diet Coke fetcher.

There is a really, REALLY scary ghost story about the location we were shooting. I will save it for the photo blog follow up.

I was an extra in the Rich Girls video, but I didn't make it into the final cut, so you can't see my beautiful face complaining about the smell in the background. Anyhow, it was filmed at LIT, the bar I used to work at. Ironically, I worked there in between touring with the band. Here's the video:

Also, I'm on StreetCarnage this week: