Christmas Wish List

Quite simple, really.

A plane ticket to Helsinki to go on a three day architecture tour, followed by a ferry to Moscow where we sleigh through the woods of Ostrov Park and lust the royal emerald-encrusted eggs in the Winter Palace. Next we'll ride the Transiberian Railway from St. Petersburg to China, stopping off in Ulaan Bataar for a Yak trek through the Gobi desert, where a shirpa will make us classic Mongolian soup inside our giant round cloth tent. When we get to China there will be a two week bike ride along the Silk Road, stopping to see The Great Wall, and, if we have time, we'll take gondola rides from tea house to tea house on the lakes in Hangzhou. When we finally arrive in Hong Kong we'll sleep off our two month journey at the six star Peninsula Hotel, and wash off the detritus of four countries in their royal spa.

or you can just get me THESE