On Halloween night I walked over to Meryl's house for approval on my Neckface costume. She had coached me through the details by phone while I stood in line at Ricky's for 45 minutes to buy the perfect wig and bronzer. I thought I looked exactly like him, but people just thought I was an orange lesbian. Funnest Halloween party EVER btw. Here are some snaps:

Nicole was a sexy chicken or some shit

Our crew ruled the costumes. Ramona was a carrot!

William is so weird when I first met him I thought he was some shy guy who never gets any girls and I felt sorry for him. Recently someone told me he makes those cool Eadon jeans that cost $8 million a pair and dates supermodels and shit. Whoopsthies!

Sarah Math is in my inner circle



Lisa Left Eye Lopez!

Milli Vanilli

Scott Campbell *get the best tattoos EVER from Scott HERE

Johnny Famous DJ'd aka John Goodman in The Big Lebowski (AWES!!!)

Justin aka BARNEY

Pizza Dude!

Moose was a moose

Jeremy and Danika are in my Card gang. We play every Monday (Danika always wins)

Alex Burns and Matt Lenski were Con Ed guys. They kept inspecting the rafters and every hot girl in the party (there were infinity of those)

I think he's Tino about the time I had a crush on him. Every girl went through a Tino phase before he got married and turned into a cute couple.


Kon's costume was so weak. What is he? (sorry, love you)

The Virgins played

Lissy Trullie played


Best costume of the night award goes to: TWO GIRLS, ONE CUP!!!

*photos by Danielle Levitt