New Virgins Video starring Yours Truly

directed by Crystal Moselle

Look I'm a speck in the background! I'm right behind someones head! I'm adding this cameo to my reel, obviously. It could come in handy for a role as a disembodied spirit. Speaking of apparitions, it was filmed in a big scary warehouse on Memorial Day. Scary, as in people were murdered there and the producer wouldn't tell us why we'd all been feeling ghost vibes until the shoot was almost over. We filmed next to an incinerator where an urn full of ashes was found a few weeks prior. So cool! Here are some pics:

Look at mini Punkrock Jake! How hot is this kid? He's 12. Also, Cory's new boyfriend. I'm SO glad I won't be in his high school when he hits 16. Those girls are going to DIE. His mom Alex did makeup, and I guess Wade is his hero. Cuteattack.

photos by Marissa Kaiser

So I've been hearing a lot of hating going on about The Virgins lately which is too bad. People who are saying they're "not cool anymore" were shitting themselves over these guys less than 6 months ago. New York is fickle like that, son. Anyhow, all my old timey readers are probably sick of this, but here are some links with my commentary for the newbs of our first two tours:


I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. I had a delicious feast last night. Justin invited a few friends to a private dinner at his new restaurant. You have to go to Vinegar Hill House. The food is delish and its beau-ti-ful. I'm off to the Catskills for the weekend. See you guys on Monday!