Aviva Worky

Yesterday 16 of us got laid off from the magazine (this was round 2). I stayed til the end of the day but forgot to print out all my favorite artwork files on the nice printer in the Art Dept. Fail. My boss took me for a beer which was very bro of her. She's a very glamorous and funny woman who I won't forget. I loved my office too. It was pretty impressive as far as office buildings go. I worked in the World Trade Center high up where I could see everything. Ceiling-to-floor glass offices with a sweeping view of the Hudson, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges, Tribeca and of course Ground Zero. I watched the construction every day from the boardroom on the way out. Its going so fast btw. Did you know they set up cameras all over the site and they are going to make the entire thing into a stop motion movie? The towers will grow like trees, like the fungi in Planet Earth. They recently set up a map and images of the new plans and wowowowow its going to look like a multi-billion dollar Bladerunner set in Tokyo 2086. Park, museum, inverted memorial fountains that drop 30 feet down, visitor center and of course the three new towers. I want to work in those towers when they're done. The closer to the top the better. There's something about looking down on the City from high up that truly satisfies me. Probably because its so Utopian and soothing up there. I'm getting nostalgia for my view already! I'm also a little sad I'll miss my coworkers. They were pretty awesome, esp Max and my boss.

Anyhow. I'm on a plane today going to California to see my family and besties. I can't WAIT to get home. I'll post some riveting shet pretty soon but I need a little rest. I seriously just got out of the Twilight Zone. I can't even begin to tell you my week. Good news is, I doubt I'll be jobless for long. I mean, have you met me?

Happy fart noise.