Christmas Wish List

Hello friends. Its that time of year again when I tell you what I want on the off chance that someone out there will send me one or more of these items. Its happened before! You will notice some expensive items (these are reserved for my family and close friends) and also some options for you strangers/fans/poors/charitable, good hearted samaritans out there.

1) God's Eye Mobile
I loooove these things. Can you make it as awesome as this one Carrie made for Emily's babyshower? It has to have smooth twigs and dreamy colors. Theenks! I'll wait here.

2) Marcel Dzama Melting Snowmen Canisters
Only $150. Hi Dad!

3) 90s Trivial Pursuit
I'm obsessed with American pop culture. This holiday season come over to my house and enjoy some winter soup while we play Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition and I destroy you.

4) Friendship Bracelets
If you make me one I'll make you one and then we will be friends.

5) Infinite Jest
If I can read The Singularity is Near, I can read this. I only know two people who have actually finished it and they're pretty awesome dudes. Plus, I read that Hal Incandenza has Asperger's and I'm perversely curious about this affliction. I'm sure half of downtown New York suffers from it. Tid: the book is 1079 pages.

6) Creepy Undead Melting Babyhead Thingy

7) An UNEARTHEN necklace
This has to be the coolest piece of hippie jewelry ever made. I mean look at it! Its in a bullet casing. My friend Gia makes these and she said I could come to her studio and pick one out, but the offer has been good for a year now and I still haven't gone. I need this in my stocking. Please? And PS if I could live anywhere in the universe it would be her website.

8) Leica Camera
I've destroyed my last three cameras by either leaving them to battle the harsh debris that floats around my purse unprotected, or by taking them out for a day at the beach. This time I will be responsible and treat my new camera like The Dark Crystal. Tid: I hear they're going to make a sequel!!

9) Amazon Wish List
Anything at all from here would be amazing. I've even tagged my highest priorities with "highest priority" status for your convenience. If you actually look at my list you'll notice that I'm a wee schizophrenic. Not by psychological standards, but by Amazon standards. The majority of the books fall into two categories: 1) pop culture/art/photography or 2) futurism and string theory. That's five categories but whatever. Anyhow, which type of chick would you rather be best friends with? I'm hoping both.

I fancy myself a bit of an anthropologist (someone who sits around judging people from a park bench). But, instead of studying tribes and cultures, I study trends, fashion, music, social climbers, vagrants and whatever is fastnewfunthrillingexciting. I'm sure this doesn't count as anthropology in the university sense, but to me everyone and everything is a study, hence my book of the Worst Tattoos Ever. So, there's Veevers side #1.

Side #2 has no friends because who wants to talk about China's development of quantum computers and how technology can help eliminate world hunger and clean up Garbage Island? Side #2 subscribes to The Futurist and New Scientist and daydreams about disease-fighting nanotechnology and space colonization. Sexy? Meanwhile zero of my friends care about any of this so I often find myself alone with my ideas, wondering if we're going to live in a Gattaca-like universe in 150 years. I get into long conversations with my dad about these topics. P-retty hot stuff fellas! What's wrong with talking to your elderly parents on the phone say, last Friday night while vacuuming, with a weird amount of lipstick on your face even though you're not going anywhere except maybe to your couch to catch up on your unwatched episodes of Whale Wars? Cooommme aaand get it.

This brings us to the last item on my wish list:

10) NEW MUSIC. Need help, send jams! I want to chuck my iPod. Seriously, I want your top 3 songs!! You can swap Christmas treats with me between the hours of 10am - 6pm M-F on AIM: teenangster4. I like everything but industrial techno and psychobilly (my fingers just curled backwards trying to type that out). Right now I'm listening to CAN, The Pandoras, and Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings but I wouldn't mind some new stuff. I like that scary song in the Benjamin Buttons trailer (what is that creepy deliciousness?) and I also like every single song I've ever heard on an iPod commercial. So there you go, see? I'm the easiest person on earth to impress. I'm happy with a remix of a remix of a shitty TI song.

Merry Christmas people!