Daily Tids with Aviva

Good morning! Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend. Don't see Four Christmases. Its a chick flick that wants to be National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, disguised as a Vince Vaughn comedy. Moving along, The Tids are a little thing I send out to my inner circle here and there. Its been very popular so I've decided to start sharing it with you.

Its a roundup of some of my favorite business, science and nature news items plus some trivia from those antiquated things called newspapers and magazines. This won't be daily at all.

Daily Tid #1: A Milli Beers

About 40 years ago Alfred Heineken tried to make a beer bottle that could double as a brick. It never happened, but recently some Thai monks built a temple out of a million beer bottles.

Americans go through 13.7 billion bottles of beer annually. Since only about a quarter of them get recycled that leaves the remaining 10 billion or so to be lined up on your art teacher's windowsill. We should do the American thing and make non-violent criminals and juvies build 100 of them in our coolest cities.

Tid #2: Seth MacFarlane is better than us

Family Guy, the show about a fat moron and his annoying baby, is worth one week in Iraq. The show's creator, writer and star, Seth MacFarlane, has brought his twice canceled show from a hiccup at Fox to a $2 billion empire. It even beat out The Simpsons last year for viewership, and makes MacFarlane the youngest and highest paid animator in the history of television.

Tidbit #3: The King of Bhutan has the coolest job in the world

Bhutan, a teensy tinesy country in the Himalayas, counts their country's wealth by GNH, or Gross National Happiness. GNH is determined by economic development, preservation of cultural values, conservation of the environment, and good governance. The new king is 28, went to Oxford, and he gets to live in a palace built into the side of a mountain overlooking the most pristine side of the Himalayas. Not too shabby.

Its extremely expensive to stay there and even more difficult to get there (trust me, I've looked into it), but it looks like its the most beautiful place on earth. Also, its name translates to "Land of the Thunder Dragon." Aside from my first born's future name, what's a Thunder Dragon? One last tidbit: Bhutan is one of the least visited places in the world aside from the Arctic and North Korea. Less than 15,000 per year are allowed into the country for sightseeing. This means of course that I have to go there.