I miss Ted. Don't you miss Ted?

Ted Barrow used to write on here for those of you who are new to my world. But he doesn't have time for this blog anymore because he's off being fancy in his Upper West Side art den being intellectual and entertaining size 2 females who can draw. He's busy getting ready to go to graduate school at Columbia so he can write a fancy book and you know what? I miss Ted. Mean Ted nice Ted funny Ted complainy Ted smart Ted skate Ted cute shoes and good jeans Ted. I miss all those. You don't miss your friends until you haven't seen them for awhile, then you run into them at a party and talk your balls off. Then you forget about it again until you're cleaning off your desktop files and come across a folder with their name on it, and it turns out that its a hilarity vault filled with the most epic riffs, conversations, artwork, and photos you've ever laid eyes on. Let's all take a moment and remember him with a few of Ted's famous motivational posters from last summer:

And here is a picture from an IM convo we had about four million years ago, when he told me that he once dated a girl who had weird thumb nails and it bothered him so much he couldn't stop looking at them. They looked like this:

Here is his website. Read it if you want to die under your desk laughing. Here is the funniest figgin thing I've ever read on the internet, authored by you-know-who: