If you're a guy you might want to beat it outta here while you still can

Dear Elizabeth,

Can't wait for your Gossip Girl recap post tonight! Just wanted to let you know that

I AGREE that D Humphs is completely undateable, not just because he is annoying, but because he is a walking vagina. I don't get it. Speaking of Dan, why is his self-righteous ex best friends with his lame 90s dad? (Did you catch her epic zinger when she called bitchyface Penelope a 'sad Blair wannabe'? That ruled the werldz!!)

I DO NOT AGREE with you regarding Runaway Jenny's hair. I like the badger eyes and slutty shag, no matter how totally Williamsburg-chop-block-cut-that-everyone-at-Shout-had-and-then-it-ended-up-in-a-Levi's-commercial-five-years-ago it is. But good call on the dealbreaker dress from last episode! I saw it at Forever Topic. It was frakin ridics. Toodles!

x o x o