24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story on TBS? Sign me the fuck up please.

I just made our Christmas Eve playlist. Top Holiday jams provided below. Yeah, I know, most of them are super obvious. Christmas isn't the time to flex your library of obscure music. Let's begin with the best Christmas song everever. I tried to find a video of it and as it turns out it doesn't exist anywhere, so disregard what I said about obscurity. Point is, this song is so jolly it makes me want to get on some public transportation and start hi-fiving people:

BingBingBing! This tune is on my playlist all year round. No joke, I used to play it at Lit in my bartending days. If you're in NY you should go there. It smells so bad your clothes beg for a rape shower when you leave. Anyhow, Christmas!

I inherited this song from Donald when we were on tour. What kind of rock band listens to Charlie Brown songs? Cabaret was also on constant rotation in the tour van. Showtunes are neither Rock nor Roll.

Holiday Road is from the second greatest Christmas movie in American history, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. A Christmas Story is the first, obvy. God this post is making me get sick of the word Christmas.

Don't Waldorf & Statler kind of remind you of Randolph & Duke Mortimer from Trading Places? Aww the lil shrivels. I love old people. Those cranky little peanuts!

This is my dad's favorite. Schubert #4 in C Major yo! Its beaut-i-fuls. Warning: if you are a guy don't watch this or your boy parts will turn into flowers.

I'm starting to realize that the reason I thought The Nutcracker was the greatest ballet on earth when I was wee is because its basically a live version of The Small World ride at Disneyland. Chinese Tea, Arabian Delights, Russian Dolls, Sugar Plum Fairies, sweetmeats, gnomes, snowflakes, mice, pies & tarts... soooooo hokey. I hate to say anything bad about it because I was obsessed with Clara up to age 9 and even played a mouse in the Ballet Hysell production (super big deal). But seriously when it comes to Tchaikovsky its all about Swan Lake, son.

Ummm the Reindeer STD ad is kind of cute:

Between the home cooked meals, the tree, cousins, babies, Netflix, and my ex coming over for some crucial catchups, this place feels like a figgin group hug. I am going to a pal's party now. Later!