Here's a little Tid I did for StreetCarnage but forgot to post up on the blogsauce. Enjoy!

If you were born in the 80s or later you probably don’t remember Cathy, but it was basically the biggest throw back to feminism in the history of anything. It’s awful-slash-awesome and filled with cringey punchlines about dieting, having big buns, chocolate, sales, shopping, inadequate husbands, and being a secretary (very 80s profession. See Working Girl and 9 to 5).

My friend Glen's friend Pete had a Cathy tribute show at Bodega, a currently illegal but soon-to-be legit venue in Bushwick (the Williamsburg for the poors). Bodega looks like a squat except it has a stage and a creepy basement. The owners don’t care about what’s going on in there yet so it’s covered in graffiti and party detritus. The entrance looks like an actual bodega- counter and all- except its filled with porn and useless 'wacky' stuff that makes the place feel like a special secret spot that we’ve always dreamt about partying in:

Here’s the back of the flyer with all the artists. I don’t know all of them but Hope Gangloff is the chick who did all those awesome Built By Wendy t-shirts with the movie scenes from Mean Streets, the Bad News Bears and Ice Capades:

By the way Pete's having another “art” show tribute in March (or so). This one is going to be Garbage Pail Kids. If you want to contribute, don’t send anything lame to Pete at westpainmail@gmail.com.

Aviva Yael