C.U.N.ext T.uesday (more party photos)

Danielle and Thomas

Tasha and Sarah


Me, my beer cooz and Shonali (check her out in Variety SHAC- hilarious!)

Lesley Arfin of the hilarious column Ask Barf.

Ex-boss/relationship therapist Suroosh Alvi

Brian De Ran aka Baby Legs. If you're into Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Battles and Gang Gang Dance, you're an artfag. But you might also be interested to know that Brian is the guy who is in charge of all those dudes. I met him at Gavi and Emily's wedding where he was introduced to me as "one of the Texas guys." There were almost 200 guests, but the Texas guys were so insane, I avoided them all and assumed for the following two years that Brian was a drug-addled lunatic. Um, whoopths. Not even a teeny tiny bit.

Wendy and Sameena

Tobias and Gob Bluth

Ex-roomate and superbro bestie Justin, Cat

See how cute Syd and Amy are? Big shocker: their daughter is a Gap Baby.

Leo, Shonali, Chelsea

Carrie has the best holiday parties, the best ice cream socials, and the best apartment of ANY of my friends in New York. Also, the best new lingo. I swear she invented stupes in like 2001. I know its a sweeping claim, but I'm 99% sure.

Todd with long hair

Ben and Lesley. PS I'm feeling The Arfinator's goth look here.

Amy Kellner is my favorite Vice writer in the history of Vice and my favorite blogger in the history of blogs (RIP Teenage Unicorn!) Darnit I'm still not over it. It was the best and the brightest of them all.

Noreen used to be my Fashion Week date. We'd go to shows and the parties together fora week then barely see each other for another 6 months. Ask me about watching Lil Kim perform the night before she went to jail at Marc Jacob's Fashion Show after party NOBIGDEAL!!!

Noreen and Danielle

Its funny that Gordon's wearing a Burger King crown, because he was the President of my Burger Club. Come to think of it maybe that's WHY he was wearing it.

Sad n single David, pre-Amber. We had a Valentine's Day party with a kissing booth which was super fun and packed with hot single pals. Afterward we went to the Fish and got sad n single drunk. The slurry kind. I'll skip details, but we ended up shooting this bow and arrow set that he'd bought in China. It had cat fur and felt like a dead cat. So nasty. Then we played with incredibly sharp knives. So very dangerous and so very UN-Valentiney!

Patrick and Anton the OG DJs!

Broest bartender ever Greg with Hot Stephanie. Steph and I went to the same high school, Bulimia High 90210!

Abby Klein, another amazing C. U. N.ext T.uesday DJ and one of my very favorite ladies in all of NYC/Philly. Love you Abby!

Michelle Nicole aka Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl! Right? Dead ringer, hippie version.

Anyhow you guys missed it. It was a very special place. I love putting a bunch of people together in a room and making sure they have a good time. Ah, memories. I'll be making lots of those soon. I'm moving to LA in just a few weeks, and I'm going to miss all of you so much. It doesn't feel right to leave New York, but I care more about my career than being popular and beautiful and loved by everyone. Extremely beautiful. And popular!

I'm sad and I'm going away now. Don't ever check my blog again.